Just A step away from the beach !!


What are minshuku?

Minshuku are Japanese inns with a time-honored tradition of hospitality.

Originally they were homes where a comfortable room and home-cooked meals were offered to travellers.

Today, they still maintain that homey atmosphere by offering Japanese-style rooms and two meals a day:

breakfast and dinner.



Onsen and Minshuku Otsuka, located in Usami on the Izu peninsula,has all a minshuku offers and a good deal more.

Imagine, after taking a relaxing, , hot bath in the onsen(hot spring) , slipping into a comfotable yukata,


and strolling on the beach , literally a few step away.

Or , relax in your room while gazing upon the ocean or the lovely hills.


The Izu peninsula is a beautifull , relaxing area where many Tokyo-ites seek relief from a hectic life .

The scenic shoreline and gently rolling hills give Izu a peaceful atmosphere.


Within thirty minutes of Minshuku Otsuka , a variety of activities can be enjoyed.

Shoreline trails provide vistas of both the sea and the rocky coast,while ocean offers swimming,

surfing, wind surfing, and fishing.

Pick-your-own fruit farm yield mikan during the fall and winter , and in spring , strawberries.

And if this isn't enough , a cactus garden , a Cycle Sports Center , and a golf course are all within easy reach.


Usami can be reached easily by rail or car.

The Shinkansen , named Kodama , leaves from Tokyo and stops at Atami.

There , transfer to a local train on track one for Usami . IT takes about 55 minutes.

A limited express ,named Odorikogo, can be boarded from Tokyo or Shinagawa .

In summer , they stop at Usami; at other times take it to Ajiro and transfer to the local train on track one for Usami.

The limited express takes about 2 hours.

Local trains leave from Tokyo or Shinagawa and go directly to Usami , taking about 2 1/2 hours .


By car , from Tokyo take the Tomei Expressway west to the Atsugi Interchange , and then travel south on Route 135 to Usami.

This takes about 2 hours .


Minshuku Otsuka's rates per day are as follows:

== Rooms ==
For 1-3: 3150yen per person
(room w/ a space of 6 tatami matts)

For 3-6: 4200yen per person
(room w/ a space of 12 tatami matts)

==with dinner&breakfast===

\8,000 for adults

\6,000 for children between 6 and 12

\1,500 for children under 6


Rates include breakfast and dinner.

The eight-course dinner featurs local seafood ,sasimi , an array of tasty vegetable dishes , and regional specialties.

Breakfast includes an egg dish , salad , seafood , rice , and other delicious selections .

Western style meals can be prepared upon request ; special diets can be accommodated


Usami1757-9 , Ito-city , Shizuoka-ken

Onsen Minahuku Otsuka

URL = http://www.izu.co.jp/~otsuka



Reservation with meal



電話0557-48-8839 FAX 0557-48-8748